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Get students & alumni hired

Highlight your students and alumni to hiring schools.
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Expand your network with local and regional PK-12 public and private schools.
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Career resources for educators

The most comprehensive suite of resources to support aspiring educators.

What is Selected?

  • Selected is the teacher outreach and hiring platform trusted by over 1,500 PK-12 public and private schools since 2016. 50+ schools of education in the US have introduced Selected to their students and alumni.

    Our mission is to ensure teachers find jobs at schools they love. On Selected, candidates get contacted by PK-12 schools that match their preferences in their desired region. Candidates have direct access to hiring managers at schools around the country.

    Selected is free for all teachers. We also support administrators, school counselors, school psychologists, paraprofessionals, student teachers, and teachers. Candidates also have access to our library of professional development resources to help them thrive year-round.

    We serve most major metros throughout the United States.

Learn how we help aspiring teachers find right-fit schools.


Why schools of education partner with us.

Hunter College School of Education

Our students get hired

"Selected has been a mainstay in the student experience at the School of Education: educating our students on their school employer options, providing support during their teacher job search, and getting them connected with and hired at schools. Our students love Selected."

- Kenney Robinson, Director of Career Services
Hunter College, School of Education
Lynch School of Education at Boston College

Impactful resources for teachers

"We have collaborated with Selected several times over the past few years to bring excellent workshops to our Boston College teacher candidates. Our students are more prepared for interviews and demo lessons because of Selected."

- Peter Hunt, Assistant Director, Education, Nonprofit, and Social Service Careers (ENS)
Boston College
Bank Street College of Education

Stressless sourcing

"We found the candidates Selected had available to be qualified, mission aligned, and smart. Further, the smart and easy to use filters on the platform made going through candidates easy for my team and eliminated a lot of the complexity and stress from the process."

- Founding Principal, NYC Charter School of the Arts
NYU School of Education

Large candidate pool

"In the past, we used Indeed, recruiting firms, teaching fellowship programs, and our online application system to find candidates. But Selected has helped us develop a much bigger pool of pre-screened, experienced, certified teachers than we ever have before.”

- Director of Data, Haven Academy (Bronx, NY)
Winston School of Education at Merrimack College

Boost teacher retention and fit

"Selected has helped get my students at Merrimack to apply to a wider range of schools. The system they have developed really helps schools find folks who are committed to working there long term, rather than churning through younger teachers."

- Russ Olwell, Associate Dean
Merrimack College, School of Education
Pepperdine Graduate School of Education and Psychology

Streamlined workflow

"Selected/Greenhouse integration streamlines communication with candidates and cuts down on the back and forth between connecting with them and moving them through the hiring application process. It saves countless hours on the time I have to take to cultivate candidates!”

- Yas D. Hardaway Executive Director of Career Services, Graduate School of Education and Psychology, Pepperdine University
Help your aspiring teachers find their right-fit school.
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